The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in 3D Imaging Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and related areas. Scholars at home and abroad are welcomed to submit articles and participate in the conference.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Artificial intelligence technology

Artificial Intelligence

AI Algorithms


Computer Vision and Speech Understanding

Computational Theories of Learning

Data and web mining

Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools

Evolutionary computation

Ensemble method

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Systems

Neural net and support vector machine

Rough and fuzzy rough set

Reasoning and Evolution

Soft Computing and Applications

Visual information processing

Pattern Recognition

Parallel Processing

Pattern Recognition

Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence

Machine Learning

Probabilistic Reasoning

Evolutionary Computing

Image Processing

Rough Sets

Vision Recognition

Data Visualization

Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies

2. Artificial intelligence application

Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications

Heuristic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Intelligent agent

Information Retrieval

Intelligent control

Intelligent System Architectures

Intelligent and knowledge based system

Recent Trends and Developments


Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Reactive Distributed AI

Web Intelligence Applications & Search

Soft Computing Theory and Applications

Software & Hardware Architectures

3. Robotics Science and Engineering

Robot control

Mobile robotics

Intelligent pension robots

Mobile sensor networks

Perception systems

Micro robots and micro-manipulation

Visual serving

Search, rescue and field robotics

Robot sensing and data fusion

Indoor localization and navigation

Dexterous manipulation

Medical robots and bio-robotics

Human centered systems

Space and underwater robots


4. Control Engineering

Man-machine interactions

System integration

Nonlinear systems and control

Discrete event systems

Hybrid systems

Adaptive and robust control

Data/Event driven modeling and control

Networked control systems

Process control

Control of biological systems

Cooperative control

Multi-agent systems

Optimal control

Fault diagnosis

System identification

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Nano-scale automation and assembly

Power system control

Cyber physical systems

Factory modeling and simulation

Production planning, scheduling and control

Intelligent manufacturing

Embedded system and wireless sensor network

Computational intelligence in automation

5. 3D Image Technology

3D Image Transformation

3D Tensor Image Representation

3D Content Generation Technologies

3D Imaging Technology and Applications

3D Graphic Information Processing

3D Measurement and Standards

VR Content Generation Technologies

Multi-Dimensional Image Processing

3D Printing Technology

Naked 3D Display

Dynamic 3D Display

Auxiliary 3D Display

VR/AR/MR Device

VR Camera Technology

3D Deep Learning

3D Information Technology