ICDSM2019 encourages submission of unpublished original articles on the field of data science and management issues and cutting edge applications in organizations and firms.

Key areas of interest include the following, but are not limited to:

·Decision Support System  

Marketing Decision support System
Intelligent Decision support System
Collaborative Decision Software Design
Online Analytical Processing System
Knowledge Management in DSS.
Optimization Tools in Management
Price Optimization Model
Revenue Enhancement Model
Markdown Optimization Model

·ICT & Management Applications  

Impact of digital communication in business world
Issues and challenges affecting modern business sectors
Digital communication and global markets Business Strategy
Integrating data science and digitization into business sectors
Making new rules for disruptive innovation
Managing technological advancement in business places

Industrial analysis for digital transformation of systems
Role of digitization globalization of business
Emerging issues in globalizing different business sectors
Technological developments in competitive environments
Decision Making and Business Modeling

·Operation & Management 

Service-oriented operations
Impact of IT on business organization
Technology and innovation management
Innovative processes in digitized business organizations
Internet & e-commerce based applications
Digital marketing research and strategy.

·HRD & Finance  

Emergence of HR analytics
E-Recruitment of personnel
Role of social media in HR
Role of digitization in finance & economics
Emerging issues in E-banking
Decision making in risk forecasting and management

Financial reporting using data science